Netan Choudhry, MD on the Triton Swept-Source OCT

Watch as Dr. Netan Choudhry, ophthalmologist and medical director at Vitreous Retina Macula Specialists of Toronto, shares how the Topcon Triton OCT is helping his practice improve patient outcomes. Triton uses swept-source technology to allow visualization into the deepest layers of the eye – even through cataracts, hemorrhages, gas bubbles and other media opacities, making it possible for more patients to be imaged.

Triton Features

Deep penetration through media opacities such as cataracts

Multimodal Imaging: SS-OCT + Non-mydriatic true color fundus imaging, FA and FAF available²

Stunningly detailed images with 100k A-scans/sec. and 1,050nm wavelength

Invisible scan beam allows patients to focus on the fixation target and reduce involuntary eye movement

Video transcript

I’m Dr. Netan Choudhry from Toronto, Canada. I’m the Medical Director of the Vitreous Retina Macula Specialists of Toronto. We have a large catchment area encompassing around three million people in the neighboring region for the last six years. OCT imaging has been very important to our practice. Obviously, all of our patients get OCT imaging on a regular basis, almost on a monthly basis in some cases. Looking at a device that offers speed, accuracy, and patient comfort was paramount. Encountering Swept Source OCT through the Topcon Triton has really allowed us to meet all those goals, so much so that we’ve actually incorporated Swept Source OCT almost exclusively in our practice.

The image quality from Topcon Triton has been quite spectacular. When we look at OCT imaging, we look for various factors such as quality, signal to noise ratio, clarity, and obviously patient comfort. So the quality with this Topcon Triton as a Swept Source OCT device has been second to none, and really allowed us to make the important decisions that allow our patients to have ultimately the best possible outcomes. The value of capturing both the fundus photograph and the OCT in a single image in a single patient setting allows us to register what’s happening within the fundus itself to the OCT so we can make important decisions on the exact diagnosis of the patient, the prognosis of their care, and ultimately make management decisions. Swept Source OCT has really brought the field of retinal imaging forward in a substantial way.

With a longer wavelength of 1050 nanometers, we were able to penetrate through blood, oil, gas, any media opacity such as cataract. So Swept Source OCT has allowed us to bypass all those barriers in order to be able to view the retina in a meaningful way and obtain high quality data to make important decisions on patients’ management and care. When we’re thinking about our workflow and our particular practice, we think about patient comfort, patient care, speed through the journey of the patient in the office.

Swept Source OCT takes seconds to capture images on patients without any botherance to them with respect to bright lights in their eyes, which can be disturbing them and affect image quality. It’s allowed us to have a fast throughput through the office. Patients are comfortable and we’re getting the high quality images that we need to make important decisions. We have a variety of OCTs in our office and it’s sort of an imaging hub. We do have the opportunity to compare devices against one another. The beauty of Swept Source OCT is that there’s really almost no comparison. Having fast acquisition time, patient comfort, and having high quality images in a device that patients themselves enjoy, our staff, the technical team that’s actually involved in taking these images are almost sometimes even arguing and fighting over who gets to use the machine.

So having this type of device in our office has allowed us to expand our workflow and speed patients through the office in a timely manner. I would speak to my colleagues who are considering acquiring a Triton and ask them to consider the multi-modality features that are offered by the Triton. My experience with Topcon has been quite fantastic. It’s been second to none.

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