Exam Lane


Topcon”s Signature Series Chair Line is an innovative series that combines value, style and functionality. Every chair is made from a solid cast aluminum frame, armrest, footrest and base and are available in a variety of upholstery colors. 

The EXAM-5000 Refraction System provides you with all the instruments you need for a compact exam lane set-up.

The OMS-800 operation microscope is the ideal choice for all types of ophthalmology operations including cataract and vitreous surgery.


The OMS-90 Operation Microscope is the new standard in versatile microsurgery. It features a water-repellent coated objective lens, new coaxial illumination, a PD adjustment knob, and five-step magnification.

The Topcon Specular Microscope model SP-1P introduces a fully automatic capture procedure together with a modern, ergonomic design that simplifies its use and increases its efficiency.


The Topcon IS-5500 Instrument Stand includes innovative functions along with traditional Topcon quality and durability.


The ophthalmic stools from Topcon are built wth durable construction designed to last. Each stool features extended pneumatic elevation of eight inches, upholstered with bacteriostatic fabric, and an easy to reach height adjustment lever.

Topcon’s ophthalmic instrument tables are designed for every need. Our portfolio includes adjustable instrument tables, wheelchair accessible tables, and ophthalmic instrument tables.