Operation Microscope

The OMS-800 operation microscope series is the ideal choice for all types of ophthalmology operations including cataract and vitreous surgery. It provides excellent stereoscopic and color corrected images, brilliant illumination and superior operational efficiencies for today’s sophisticated operations.

Available in three models:
OMS 800 Standard – Incorporates outstanding performance features
OMS 800 Pro – Improve operational efficiencies
OMS 800 OFFIS – Open up the new possibilities of intravitreal surgery

Key Features

  • COMFORTABLE OPERATING POSITION – ergonomically designed optical head with built-in Beam Splitter allows the surgeon to maintain a comfortable posture throughout the surgery.
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN – stable, compact base and long support arm of OMS-800 provides a comfortable working area for both the surgeon and assistant
  • MULTI-FUNCTION FOOTSWITCH – without any hand movement, the surgeon can alter the illumination intensity, zoom magnification, focus, illumination angle selection and X-Y positioning

OMS-800 brochure

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Optional High-Definition Video System

The HD Video System for Microscopes and Medical Applications allows for live viewing of surgical procedures performed with any of the current Topcon Operation Microscopes. The optional 26″ Full HD Widescreen Color Monitor displays a bright and clear image of the surgeon’s view in real time for teaching and educational purposes. The compact HD video camera mounts unobtrusively on either side of the microscope optical head via an optional TV relay lens and beam splitter.