Topcon RDx®

Remote Comprehensive Eye Exam Platform

Perform refraction from anywhere with RDx®

Now more than ever, you need to grow your practice beyond your physical location and deliver quality eye exams from virtually anywhere. Topcon RDx® is an innovative ocular telehealth platform that allows you to connect to your office remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams, without sacrificing the quality care you provide.

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Product Features

Topcon RDx features

Remote Access to Quality Care

Topcon’s CV-5000S automated phoropter integrates with RDx remotely, allowing you to perform refractions from anywhere.

Automation and Practice Efficiency

Utilize the benefits of integrated remote video conferences between you, your staff and patients while connecting and controlling the devices within your practice; in real-time.

Patient Convenience

Deliver quality eye exams for your patients at a time and place that is convenient and safe for them.

RDx® in Clinical Practice

One central hub…
Complete remote eyecare

Key Features

  • SERVE MULTIPLE LOCATIONS – Deliver quality eye exams from any office location – or even your home. Access to care is independent of the practice location and one optometrist can cover multiple locations at the same time.
  • GENERATE PRESCRIPTIONS – Easily generate printable glasses prescriptions after each remote refraction.
  • REMOTE REFRACTIONIST CENTER – Perform the exams yourself or delegate to our highly skilled refractionists who will operate your Topcon CV-5000S automated phoropter and acuity testing suite to perform an accurate subjective manifest refraction.

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RDx® and Crystal Integration

As part of the RDx® growing ecosystem, you can now enjoy the seamless connectivity between RDx® and Crystal Practice Management software, empowering you to reduce costs and increase efficiency through decreased paperwork, minimize human error in the transfer of data, and most importantly, improve your patients’ health.

RDx® and Eyefinity Integration

Securely transmit patient demographics from Eyefinity Practice Management or AcuityLogic™ to the RDx® telehealth platform, empowering you to quickly search and retrieve patient records without any additional data entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does RDx® work?

RDx® connects you to your exam room via video conference and allows you to perform a guided subjective exam and consultation using your remotely-operated CV-5000S. When the refraction is finished, you may consult with the patient in real-time and generate a glasses prescription.

How will I access my patient’s charts as the remote doctor?

In conjunction with Topcon’s Harmony data management software, RDx® gives you access to your patients’ health history (imported from your EHR), imaging and clinical data within the RDx® telehealth platform, so you have all of the information you need during the virtual visit. 

What will my patient experience as part of the RDx® visit?

Your patient will be greeted and checked in by your usual front desk staff. They will be shown into the remote exam room by one of your staff members and seated in front of the automated phoropter. You (the remote doctor) will be connected to the exam room and will appear on TV monitor. The entire refraction will be completed remotely. After the patient is satisfied and the best prescription is determined, the prescription is available for the doctor to review and sign.

What does my technician need to do during an RDx® remote consultation?

Your technician will greet the patient and perform all of the pretests. When complete, your technician uploads the pretest results to RDx® software and moves the Patient Card in the RDx® software into the “Ready for Exam” status. This is when you join the live video session and begin interacting with the patient. When you’re ready to begin the remote refraction, the technician ensures the phoropter head is correctly positioned in front of the patient. When the exam ends, your technician will escort the patient out of the exam room.

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