About Topcon

Topcon Healthcare, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community.

Topcon is a leader in the development and manufacturing of technology designed to address society’s greatest challenges in eye health, agriculture, and construction. We specialize in integrating optical, mechanical and electronic technologies serving medical, construction, geopositioning and agriculture industries.

Topcon Healthcare sees eye health differently. Our vision is to empower providers with smart and efficient technologies for enhanced patient care. Keeping pace with the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry, we offer the latest integrated solutions including advanced multimodal imaging, vendor-neutral data management and groundbreaking remote diagnostic technology.

For over 88 years, we have been leading the way with the most technically advanced instrumentation in the marketplace.

Our product line comprises the largest selection of precision instruments from one manufacturer … providing products for a wide range of applications, including imaging, diagnostic, refractive, surgical, and delivery. Whatever your particular instrument requirements, Topcon Healthcare has the innovative solution you need.

All of our products are developed with the practitioner’s needs in mind and backed up by a network of dedicated service specialists.

Topcon Way

Corporate Identity

  • Topcon contributes to enrich society by solving the societal challenges within healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Management Policy

  • Topcon focuses on leading-edge technology to keep providing new values through innovation and manufacturing.
  • Topcon respects diversity and acts as a global company.
  • Topcon places an utmost priority on compliance to continue to be a trustworthy partner to all stakeholders.

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