Computerized Tonometer

Fast and Easy IOP Measurements

The CT-80 Computerized Tonometer improves efficiency and patient comfort while obtaining highly precise and accurate intraocular pressure measurement data.  

Key Features

  • FAST, EASY IOP MEASUREMENT – The interval between measurements has been reduced by over 30% to reduce measurement time and improve patient comfort.
  • INNOVATIVE DUAL SENSOR MEASURING SYSTEM – Two measuring sensors – one for light and one for pressure – provides highly accurate IOP measurements.
  • TRIPLE SAFETY FUNCTION  Adjustable safety stopper, “too close” visual warning and “too close” buzzer.
  • SOFT AIR PUFF Enhances patient comfort.
  • CONNECTIVITY Built-in printer or export to EMR.

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Measurement Range

0-60mmHg [0-30mmHg/0-60mmHg(Selectable)]

Working Distance


Measurement Display

TV Monitor Screen
*R/L change-over・・・automatically detected and displayed.
*Up to three measurements of each eye can be displayed and printed out.

Measurement Recording

Built-in printer

Measurement Mode

Auto / Manual (selectable)


When the alignment luminous spots are within the inner alignment mark:
*In Auto Mode : measurement is automatically activated
*In Manual Mode : alignment will change from a broken box to a solid pattern when proper alignment is achieved,
and depressing the switch on the omni-directional joystick activates the measuring cycle.

Error Indication

When the measurement signal is not strong enough, IOP value is indicated in ( ) or just ‘ERR’ is displayed.

Adjustable Safety Stopper

Minimum distance between the front of the instrument and the patient can be established in advance.

Operating Temperature

10℃ to 40℃

Base Travel

44mm (back & forth) / 88mm(left & right) / 28mm(vertically)

Chinrest Vertical Travel


External Output Travel


Power Supply

AC100-120V, 220-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

80VA (“Auto-shut-off” : power saving mechanism adopted)




Approx. 18 kg

CT-80 Brochure