Non-mydriatic retinal camera

Enhanced image quality meets ease of use

The NW500 is a user-friendly, robotic fundus camera that provides sharp-quality, consistent imaging even in ambient light.

NW500 Features

Fundus Camera

Enhanced Image Quality
with 12MP Sensor¹ ²

Small Pupil Photography (2.0mm)³

Rotating Monitor
Allows Flexible Positioning

One-Touch Acquisition

Multiple Connectivity


Sharp, reliable image quality

AMD: RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-AMD- RPE Pigment Changes
NW500-Cataract, (φ)2mm Small Pupil
Cataract, Peripheral Drusen
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1. Compared to Topcon non-mydriatic retinal camera TRC-NW400.
2. Actual image size is 7.1MP.
3. Confirmed with model eyes.
4. Multiple connection with Direct DICOM, EZ Capture, IMAGEnet6, Shared Folder and Direct Storage (USB/LAN).

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