Screening for Glaucoma with Topcon Technology

Watch Crystal Han, OD, of eye&I Optometry in Great Neck and Bayside, NY, share her transformative journey toward enhanced glaucoma care. Dr. Han leverages Topcon technology to revolutionize comprehensive eye exams and early detection of glaucoma with the Maestro2 OCT & Color Fundus Camera and TEMPO Visual Field Analyzer.

Video Transcript

Started our practice 5 years ago. We had the bare minimum, doing medical Optometry. And you know, essentially in the beginning you only need an eye doctor, right, to do med…start medical Optometry. Um, but because, you know, we were having a lot more patients come in, the equipment that we bring in from Topcon definitely helped us make it more efficient. So that, you know, we can do a lot more in our comprehensive eye…we do see a lot of glaucoma patients. Catching glaucoma is always the most important part of, you know, managing and doing these comprehensive eye exams. You know, we definitely utilize all these machines to be able to catch those glaucoma patients early. With the Maestro, you know, that has allowed us to really capture, um, a lot of these, you know, open angle glaucoma suspects that, you know, they were never told that they were suspects for. We wanted to do more visual fields, but because of the time limitations and, um, the resources, it was hard for us to streamline the visual field to do it on every patient. And because of that difficulty, we heard about Tempo, that it…it was going to be a lot faster. And when our rep brought it in for us to try, I…I did it and it was so easy, it was very patient friendly. And yeah, we do it on every patient that comes in through our doors now. You know, technology is changing every second, you know. And we want to be on top of that and be able to provide our patients with the top-notch technology that is coming out, you know. So, I think it’s for our practice at Inii, it’s important for us to have the latest technology. Topcon has allowed us to be able to bring all these machines and instruments so that we can, um, give the best care for our patients.

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