Henson 9000

Compact, Modern Visual Field Analyzer

Advanced Detection and Monitoring of the Visual Field

The Henson 9000 is a modern, compact, easy-to-use perimeter for detecting and monitoring changes to visual fields. It features innovative, time-saving tests and analytical tools that enhance patient experience and practice efficiency. 24-2 tests can be completed in as little as three minutes per eye, providing clear benefits to operator and patient alike.

Key Features

  • SPEED & ACCURACY  Smart Supra tests allow manual retesting of stimulus locations to reduce patient response errors and improve workflow.
  • IMPROVED SENSITIVITY (TO CENTRAL DEFECTS)  The fully extended 3.5 minute Smart Supra test includes the full 24-2 pattern (54 points) with an additional 32 points in the central 10 degrees.
  • CONVENIENCE  Smart Supra test can be set to auto-extend from 30 points to 64 if a point is missed. A further extension from 64 to 86 points is possible.
  • ENHANCED FOLLOW-UP – ZATA threshold test starts from prior patient data and uses smart threshold-related terminating criteria to optimize test performance and includes powerful tools for analyzing progression.
  • FLEXIBLE CONVENIENCE – With the flexibility of using either a touch screen, laptop or desktop computer the Henson 9000 is convenient and easy to use.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE PERIMETER – Benefit from low maintenance costs – robust, solid-state electronics with degradation-free light sources. Ensure the maintenance costs for your Henson 9000 are minimal year-on-year.

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Test Specifications

Visual Field Test Range

60° (monocular) / 160° (binocular)

Visual Field Testing Distance

9.8 in / 25 cm

Stimulus Intensity (max)

10,000 asb

Background Illumination

31.4 asb

Stimulus Duration

200 ms

Stimulus Size

Goldman III

Stimulus Color


Test Method

Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP)

Screening Tests/Patterns

Smart Supra – Single Stimulus

30, 64 and 86 point tests

Smart Supra – Multiple Stimulus

30, 64 and 86 point tests

Esterman (Driving Test)

Groups 1 (120 point) and 2 (124 point) (EU standard)

Customized Tests

Test locations can be manually added to all Smart Supra screening tests

Threshold Tests/Patterns

ZATA Standard – Threshold Central

10-48**; 24/30-2 (extendable in-test)

ZATA Fast – Threshold Central

10-48; 24/30-2 (extendable in-test)

Average Test Times

Smart Supra – Single Stimulus

~1 min (30 points); ~3.5 minutes for fully extended 86 point test

Smart Supra – Multiple Stimulus

Under 30 seconds (30 points)

ZATA (24-2)

~3 minutes per eye

ZATA Fast (24-2)

~2.5 minutes per eye

Fixation Control

Fixation Target

Single or 4-point LED diamond pattern

Blind Spot Detection

Heijl-Krakau (ZATA)

Video Eye Monitor


Software Features

Patient Management Database

MS Windows compatible®; networkable

Practice Management Integration

EMR compatibility (parameter passing and text file)

Hemifield Analysis


Progression Analysis


HFA Data Import




Yes (images)


Yes, via connected computer

Database Backup

Removable, network or cloud storage

Dimensions and Weight


17 x 16 x 18 (in) / 440 x 400 x 452 (mm)


30 lb/ 13.5 kg


Medical Device

Class I

Applied Part

Type B

Control Device

External PC / laptop / tablet running MS Windows® Professional, v.8, and above

Patient Unit Inputs/Outputs

C13 mains input; Patient Response Button; 2 x USB Type B connector

Electrical Requirements

85 – 263 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA

Optional Printer

Any compatible with controlling computer

Henson 9000 Brochure

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