The TRC-50DX series of mydriatic retinal cameras incorporate the latest digital-ready features to provide the most complete retinal image capture device today, including color, red free, fluorescein angiography, fundus auto fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography.

Key Features

  • Small pupil mode and aperture adjustment.
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen control panel.
  • Comfortable backlit panel for use in darkened environments.
  • Color fundus, red-free, and fluorescein (ICG and autoflourescence filters are available).
  • Can support a variety of photo devices, from film to high resolution digital cameras.
  • 50°, 35°, and 20° angles of coverage.
  • 21 levels of flash intensity.

The TRC-50DX Series from Topcon is the new gold standard in retinal imaging.
Available in either the TRC-50DX model or the TRC-50DX ICG, these retinal cameras have more digital ready capability than any fundus camera on the market and represent today s most sophisticated and complete capturing devices for retinal documentation.
The TRC-50DX Series can support a variety of photo devices, from film to super high resolution CCD cameras. A newly developed control panel, equipped with a touch-screen, allows for a quick and easy change of settings.
An adaptable filter mechanism lets the user add filters of his or her choice for different procedures or research projects. Color fundus, redfree, and fluorescein filters are included on the TRC-50DX model.
Autofluorescence and ICG filters also included on TRC-50DX ICG.
Additional features include: a small pupil mode and aperture adjustment, 50?, 35? and 20? angles of coverage, 21 levels of flash intensity, and a comfortable backlit panel for use in darkened environments.
The TRC-50DX Series are fully compatible with Topcon s IMAGEnet” Digital Imaging System.

TRC-50DX Brochure

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