Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Complete Fundus Imaging with Swing and Tilt

The TRC-50DX is a mydriatic retinal camera incorporating digital-ready features to provide complete retinal imaging, including color, red-free, and fluorescein angiography (FA).

TRC-50DX (Type IA) adds fundus autofluorescence (FAF) and indocyanine green angiography (ICG) imaging to the TRC-50DX.

IMAGEnet Capture Software is a comprehensive digital imaging system capable of acquiring, processing, displaying, and saving digital images obtained by a variety of Topcon devices. IMAGEnet 6 allows the camera to detect the filter settings and CCD camera being used by the TRC50DX and automatically sets the capture screen to the corresponding procedure.

Product Features

NW500 Features

High Quality
Fundus Imaging

Multimodal Fundus Imaging
(Color, Red-Free, FA, FAF and ICG)

Mydriatic Retinal Camera

Fundus Imaging Tool

Field of View

IMAGEnet® 6

Key Features

  • EASY TO USE – LCD touch panel control allows easy change of settings while the Small Pupil Aperture (4.5 diameter) function facilitates focusing and enhances sharpness.
  • FLEXIBLE – Can support a variety of photo devices, from film to super high-resolution CCD/digital cameras.
  • MULTIMODAL – True color photography, red-free filtered photography, FA,, FAF and ICG (FA + ICG optional).
  • NATURAL RETINAL IMAGING – Optical head swing and tilt with standard 50° 35° and 20° field of view.

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Capture Mode

TRC-50DX: Color/Red-Free/FA
TRC-50DX (Type IA): Color/Red-Free/FA/FAF/ICG

Angle of Coverage


Photographic Magnifications

1.84x at 50°, 2.45x at 35°, 4.28x at 20°

Working Distance

39.0 mm

Diopter Compensation Range for Patient's Eye

0 : -10D to +6D
– : -23D to -9D
+ : +5D to +23D
A : +22D to +41D

Diopter Compensation at Finder

-6D to +5D

Optical Head Tilt

Upper 15° / Lower 10°

Power Supply

100-120V/ 200-240V / 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption


Dimensions / Weight

340 mm(W) x 505 mm(D)x 506-715mm(H) / 35 Kg

Sensor Information


Color Sensor: 12.3MP
Monochrome Sensor: 5MP

Image Sensor

Color Sensor: 1.1 inch
Monochrome Sensor: 2/3 inch

TRC-50DX Brochure

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