Refraction – KR-800S

Refraction - KR-800S

The 5-in-1 KR-800S Auto Kerato-Refractometer incorporates Topcon’s Rotary Prism technology for unparalleled accuracy and consistent measurements. It features several tests, including a visual acuity (VA) check for near and far distance, contrast sensitivity testing, grid testing and glare testing. The glare testing function provided by the KR-800S can aid in the screening of cataracts, as well as confirm the objective and subjective VA under glare conditions before and after cataract surgery. The compact and user-friendly design provides quick and accurate readings with minimal training required.

Key Features

  • Topcon’s exclusive Rotary Prism technology for unparalleled accuracy
  • Grid chart test
  • Easy-to-use, fast measurements
  • Contrast sensitivity testing
  • Confirm objective and subjective visual acuity under glare conditions before cataract surgery
  • Compact, user-friendly design with wide 8.5 inch color touchscreen display
  • Accurate objective measurement (REF, KRT, R/K)

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KR-800S Brochure

Topcon Publication- Combining Auto & Subjective Refraction in the Same Device

Topcon Refraction Family Brochure

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