Pain-Free Precision: How the CV-5000S Improves Refraction

See how the Topcon CV-5000S digital phoropter is transforming eye care for both doctors and patients. Ken Elder, OD, of Wallingford Eyecare Center, shares how this technology streamlines workflows, improves the patient experience and reduces physical strain on practitioners. Discover why Topcon’s reliability, integrated systems, and outstanding customer support make it the top choice for eye care professionals.

Video Transcript

We’ve had Topcon products in our practice for a very long time. We found them to be very reliable, very easy for technicians to use, very easy for the patients to use, and it’s allowed us to take really good care of our patients. They’re all integrated with each other. We don’t have to have technicians manually inputting data from dozens of different devices. They all communicate with each other very well, and the data imports into the exam room very well. So it just makes for a very efficient, smooth workflow and transition from prescreening to the doctor’s exam room through the whole day. The digital lane we decided to go to because after twenty four years of doing this, your shoulders get a little bit messed up and you’re you’re constantly reaching and twisting. And the patients are certainly impressed with the technology as well.

They really like the idea that something is computerized. They they find it to be very impressive. The training for the staff has been excellent. Our Topcon rep has been very responsive, when the equipment was installed. But even more importantly, sometimes you have a couple of new staff members, and we can call our rep and say, would you mind coming out and doing a little bit of training? And they’re always willing and very responsive to come out straight away, and we’re very thankful for that. It’s It’s been a very big blessing in our practice. Not only are the products great, the support is really wonderful. We’ve all had the experience of using good products where the company is not helpful if there’s an issue, and I have not found that to be the case with Topcon at all, that they’ve been very responsive to any issues we’ve had. And mercifully, the issues have been few and far between.

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