Henson 9000

Optimized visual field screening and analysis

The Henson 9000 visual field analyzer is the perfect tool for glaucoma screening and management, enabling eye care professionals to detect and monitor glaucoma progression.

Key Features

  • Flexibility for operator and patient – Smart Supra multiple stimulus tests minimize patient response errors and speed up test times (~30 secs); single stimulus is also available
  • Enhanced sensitivity and specificity – Smart Supra uses points from 24-2 and 10-2 test patterns and allows easy re-testing or adding of points for improved spatial mapping
  • Convenience of auto-extending tests – saving valuable time for operators, Smart Supra can be set to auto-extend, as required, from 26 points (Screen) to 54 (24-2) and from 54 points to 86 (24-2 plus 10-2)
  • Prior data use in threshold tests – ZATA can use data from previous tests to start nearer patient threshold; this can help reduce anxiety from unseen responses early in tests (in patients with established loss) and speeds up test times, enhancing workflow
  • Responding to the latest developments – our connections with current practitioners and the latest research on glaucoma allows us to deliver innovative solutions fast, for your benefit

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