Topcon OCT’s Impact on Glaucoma Management: A Surgeon’s Perspective

Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgeon, Dr. Nir Shoham-Hazon, from New Brunswick, Canada, shares his experience with Topcon’s trusted, industry-leading OCT solutions. As the only glaucoma and advanced anterior segment surgeon in the province, Dr. Shoham-Hazon serves a high-volume of patients with glaucoma and complicated cataracts. That’s why he chose the Triton Swept Source OCT and the Maestro2 OCT from Topcon Healthcare.

Take a closer look at at our trusted, industry-leading OCT solutions. Whether you’re looking to get started with an affordable OCT/fundus camera system or are ready for more advanced retinal imaging, the global leader in OCT sales has you covered. Discover the device that’s best for your practice.

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