Henson 7000

Fast, flexible glaucoma screening

The Henson 7000 perimeter is a compact, portable central visual field screener that’s quick and easy to use. It provides eye care professionals the ability to detect glaucoma with a high degree of specificity. Standard, single stimulus suprathreshold screening tests and patient-preferred, multiple stimulus tests are available.  

Key Features

  • SPEED & ACCURACY – Multiple stimulus tests are subject to fewer response errors than single stimulus tests and are preferred by patients
  • EFFICIENCY – Multiple stimulus screening takes <60 seconds per eye
  • EASE OF USE – Easily operable by all levels of optical staff
  • COMPACT & ROBUST  Sized to fit space-constrained environments and manufactured using low-maintenance, solid-state electronics

Henson 7000 Flyer

Henson 7000 Tech Sheet

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