The VT-10 Vision Tester provides exceptional quality and value, featuring quick, easy and accurate refractions. Notable features include synchronized cross cylinders, an extended measurement range, and multi-coated lenses.

Key Features

  • Wide testing range
  • Synchronized cross cylinders
  • Quick, easy and accurate refractions
  • Precision engineering for superior performance
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Extended measurement range
  • Available in silver and black

The Topcon VT-10 Vision Tester provides exceptional quality and value. Precision in design and workmanship guarantees accuracy in refraction measurements, accuracy that won”t deteriorate even after long years of use. Total quality commitment from Topcon means you can have total confidence in the performance and features of the VT-10, such as the synchronized cross cylinders, the multi-coated lenses, and the sealed optics.
One of the most significant time saving features of the VT-10 is the synchronization of the cross-cylinder loupe rotation to the cylinder axis adjustment. This mechanism automatically synchronizes the roatation of the loupe each time you change the cylinder axis correction. This allows you to simply read a single scale, one time, after completing a full series of axis checks.
The VT-10 also features an extended measurement range. The standard cylinder power range extends to 6,000 in 0.25D increments. In addition, auxiliary lens sets are incorporated to fine tune cylinder power measurements to 0.12D increments or extend cylinder power range to 8.00D. Accurate prism readings even below 0.5 are possible thanks to the 20 range of the precision-geared rotary prism loupes.
Every lens used in the VT-10 receives a special multi-coating that eliminates flare, ghost images and reflections. In addition, the multi-coating assures clearer, brighter images with improved contrast and excellent color fidelity.
The VT-10 comes with a wide range of auxiliary lenses. Additional options include a rotary near point card holder and accessory lenses. The VT-10 minus cylinder models are available in both grey and black. The plus cylinder models are available in black only.

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