Aladdin HW 3.0

Optical biometer and corneal topographer

The Aladdin Optical Biometer and Corneal Topographer performs nine different measurements to assist in the calculation of IOL power. On-board software includes the full suite of Barrett formulae as well as conventional, post-refractive surgery and toric IOL power calculation formulae.

Posterior & Anterior Interferometry

In one just one acquisition, capture corneal aberrations and previous corneal refractive surgery procedures.

IOL and Toric IOL Calculation

Aladdin guides you through the choice of the right IOL for each patient.


Full corneal topography provides K-values, specific data for toric IOL surgery, instantly detects regular and irregular astigmatism.

Aladdin is an easy-to-use, affordable optical biometer and corneal topographer.

Key Features

  • 9-IN-1 INSTRUMENTAxial length, keratometry, corneal topography, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, central corneal thickness, white-to-white, Zernike analysis of the cornea, pupillometry
  • COMPREHENSIVE IOL POWER CALCULATION SOFTWAREOn-board Barrett IOL Calculation Suite, Olsen formula, conventional, post-refractive surgery and toric IOL power calculations
  • FAST, EASY OPERATIONPoint-and-shoot acquisition
With 9-in-1 Aladdin, every basic and premium IOL Power Calculation is one click away.

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