Digital Lane Package

Topcon Digital Exam Lane

Refract with speed, efficiency, and accuracy

Differentiate your practice with digitally-guided refractions, ergonomic chairs and stands, and slit lamps with optional digital imaging. Automatically view your patients’ lensometry and autorefraction data with the CV-5000S digital phoropter. Intergrated data transfer will improve your practice efficiency and reduce transcription errors.

Included with every digital exam lane

Digital Exam Lane

Fully-automated kerato-refractometer

Automatic lens analyzer

Digital phoropter

Visual Acuity Chart
High-resolution LCD monitor

SL-D Series
Digital slit lamp

Chair and Stand
Durable and affordable

Optimize your practice workflow with a
digital exam lane


Elevate your patient experience with a digital ophthalmic lane

  • SPEED UP THE EXAM and spend time on what matters most
  • FEEL CONFIDENT with accurate refractive data
  • WOW PATIENTS with digital high-resolution slit lamp image

Practice Refraction Workflow

Experience how the Topcon pre-test diagnostics, refraction systems, and digital slit lamps work together to enhance patient care.

1. Refractive data and previous spectacles loaded into Chronos before doctor enters exam room.
2. Chronos streamlines the refraction process to deliver time savings that may be used at the discretion of the doctor/practice.
3. Topcon SOLOS, Automatic Lens Analyzer
4. Topcon CV-5000S, Phoropter

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