Incorporating Best-in-Class Technology to Enhance Patient Care

A technician captures an image on the Triton Swept Source OCT.

Dr. Kerry Salsberg, a Toronto-based optometrist and owner of Eyes on Sheppard, has lived and breathed optometry since he was a young child.  His father, Dr. Stan Salsberg, was also an optometrist and the original owner of the practice where he works, and he’s known since he was 6 years old that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an optometrist.   His father recently retired but in the many years they practiced together, he taught him that patient care and improving patient outcomes are the most important things in a practice.  Dr. Salsberg is continuing that legacy today by incorporating best-in-class technology to provide optimal care for his patients.

Choosing the Right Technology Partner

When it comes to equipment, there are many different vendors to choose from, but selecting the right equipment and, more importantly, the right partner is key to providing optimal patient care. Dr. Salsberg chose Topcon because of the breadth of its product line, its technical innovation, and its commitment to service.  “I think Topcon is best-in-class; best-in-class in terms of product offerings, as well as service offerings. And that’s very important.

When you’re investing a lot of money into equipment, you want to make sure that you’re not just getting a product without the service level, and Topcon marries those two beautifully,” says Dr. Salsberg. He continues, “I’ve worked with many, many different companies in my 29 years of practicing, and in the 52 years that this practice has been around, and I can honestly say that Topcon is the best partner to have when it comes to technology and servicing that technology.”  Dr. Salsberg has been particularly impressed with his skilled and experienced Topcon rep, who has worked hand in hand with Dr. Salsberg and his staff to delve deep into the nuances of the technology and make sure they were getting the most out of their new equipment. They, in turn, have been able to provide that level of technical skill to their patient base.

I’ve worked with many, many different companies in my 28 years of practicing, and in the 52 years that this practice has been around, and I can honestly say that Topcon is the best partner to have when it comes to technology and servicing that technology.

The Benefits of Best-in-Class Technology

Eyes on Sheppard has a wide array of Topcon instrumentation, including the Triton Swept Source OCT, the CV-5000S Auto Phoropter, the SL-D Slit Lamp, and a TRK-2P Auto Kerato-Refracto Tonometer.  Each of those devices brings its own unique benefits to the practice, says Dr. Salsberg.

The CV-5000S has been an overall win for both staff and patients.  Because it is an automated phoropter, it reduces repetitive stress on technicians and doctors.  There have also been some key practice and patient benefits.  “The CV-5000S has impacted my practice in a very positive way in terms of revenue. I’m able to see more patients per day, I’m able to do a refraction in less than 90 seconds, and I’m able to quickly differentiate old and new prescriptions, which means that it increases sales in my optical dispensary. Patients love the engagements. They love new technology. They love the fact that they can make decisions quite easily because I’m not fumbling with any dials or knobs.”

The Triton Swept Source OCT has been particularly helpful in the early detection of visual pathologies and engaging the patient in their ocular health.  As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and Dr. Salsberg has utilized the high-quality images from the Triton and the review software to educate patients. “I think the important thing is telling a story. Patients are concerned about their ocular health. And if we verbalize it, it doesn’t penetrate as much as showing them on a computer screen. So, the Triton review software allows me to earmark certain things in the retina that I’m concerned about. And it allows me to collaborate with patient care so patients have buy-in, they can see exactly what’s going on with their retina, and then we can review year-over-year.” 

The Triton has also brought in additional revenue to the practice because OCT is a fee-for-service technology at Eyes on Sheppard.  Rather than resisting this, patients have embraced this technology, and the practice has a 95% capture rate on this service.  “Patients want the best technology, and they have embraced the Triton OCT.  It allows them to really see what’s going in their eye, from the front all the way to the back.”

Topcon Triton 3D Macula OU
Topcon Triton 3D Macula OU with Color Fundus Photo

The Four E’s of Patient Care

Patients are always at the forefront of Dr. Salsberg’s practice, and all major purchase decisions, like the CV-5000S and Triton, are made with the four E’s in mind: enhancing the patient experience, better educating the patient, increasing efficiency, and engaging the patient through the use of technology.  “Patients expect to have best-in-class technology when they visit their eye doctor these days,” says Dr. Salsberg.  “It’s what differentiates our practice. Our patients know that we have the best technology possible. When patients come in for their yearly eye exam, they know that we have a new technology that we can enhance patient care with,” says Dr. Salsberg.  The Topcon Digital Lane has been particularly helpful in this regard.  “The nice thing about my digital lane is I’m able to access all the equipment from the pre-testing area to the slit lamp imaging, and I can create a story for that patient, and it engages the patient. It educates the patient. I know what’s happening with that patient before they even sit in my chair. I have all that information, which means I save time, it increases efficiency, decreases touch points, and it’s just an overall better patient experience.”

The Future of Optometry

The future of optometry looks bright for Dr. Salsberg and Eyes on Sheppard, and a key reason for that is his partnership with Topcon.   “My relationship with Topcon is not just about the present. It’s about the future. Topcon is innovative. They really bring out the best equipment possible, and I know that whether I use an OCT Triton right now, I know in three to five years, there’s going to be something that’s even better. And I’m going to bring it on because I believe in that model; I really believe in bringing the best technology to my patient base,” summarizes Dr. Salsberg.  That ability to pivot on the fly and bring in new technology when it benefits their patient base has made Dr. Salsberg and Eyes on Sheppard one of the most successful optometry practices in Canada, and it will continue to serve them and their patients well into the future.

Kerry Salsberg, OD, is the owner of Eyes on Sheppard in Toronto, ON.  He can be reached at [email protected].

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