Visual Field Testing

The comfortable binocular perimeter that performs 39% faster than standard automated perimetry.1

The novel, binocular approach makes testing faster and more comfortable, which results in effective testing from screening through advanced glaucoma – without compromising accuracy. TEMPO reduces the tedium of perimetry for patients and technicians.

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Product Features

TEMPO Features

Includes SAP test patterns

Less patient fatigue

Functions in ambient light

No patch

Takashi Nishida, MD, PhD
Shiley Eye Center,
UC San Diego

“Test results are reliable and repeatable with less patient chair time. Testing both eyes simultaneously offers clinical efficiency and enhanced comfort with a notable patient preference over bowl perimetry.”

Key Features

  • FAST – 39% faster than SAP1 in clinical testing and functions in ambient light
  • ACCURATE – Performance equivalent to SAP1 with excellent repeatability²
  • COMFORTABLE – Random binocular testing creates a comfortable and fluid patient experience

Glaucoma Solutions Suite

Topcon Harmony®
brings it all together.

View your OCT, fundus photography, and perimetry data in a single screen with the Topcon Harmony® image and data management solution. Plus, reduce transcription errors and save time with DICOM Modality Worklist.

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At this time, TEMPO Is only available in the United States.

Peripheral Range (Distance)

30° (1 m)

Maximum Stimulus Intensity

10,000 asb

Background Illumination

31.4 asb

Stimulus Size

Goldmann I-V (>V possible)

Stimulus Duration

200 ms

Stimulus Generation

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Test Methods

Binocular, random white-on-white perimetry

Test Patterns

30-2, 24-2, 10-2, 24plus (1-2) [24 additional central points added to 24-2 pattern], 24plus (1)
[36 points screening pattern]

Test Strategies

AIZE, AIZE-Rapid, Full-threshold, Two-zone (Screening)

Fixation Controls

Gaze Tracking, Heijl-Krakau Blind Spot Monitor and
Video Eye Monitor

Correction Range

Spherical correction -15 to +9 D
Cylinder correction -3 to 0 D

Pupillary Distance

2-3 in / 52-78 mm


9 x 20 x 16 in / 220 x 500 x 410 mm (*Measurements exclude keyboard and mouse)


19 lbs / 8.4 kg

Optical System of Visual Target Presentation

Color transmissive LCD, 2560 x 1440
wavelength 420 -700nm

Gaze Tracker

1/4 inch monochrome CMOS sensor, 640 x 480, 30fps, Infrared 950nm

Video Eye Monitor

1/4 inch color CMOS sensor, 640 x 480


DICOM, Ethernet 2.5GbE

TEMPO Brochure

TEMPO Clinical Compendium

¹ Comparison between New Perimetry Device (IMOvifa®) and Humphrey Field Analyzer” M Eslani, T Nishida, S Moghimi, JM Arias, C Vasile, V Mohammadzadeh, RN Weinreb; Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 2022;63(7):1272 – A0412.