Why Maria Liu Chose Topcon MYAH to Grow Her Pediatric Myopia Practice


MYAH is very easy to operate with great user-interface. The acquisition time is relatively short and the fixation target is easy to follow and not too bright to discourage pediatric patients. I especially like the dynamic pupillometry function and believe there is huge potential of using this feature to have better understanding of the mechanisms of combined treatments in pediatric myopia. I believe dynamic pupillometry should become the standard of care in all pediatric myopia patients.”


Maria Liu is an Associate Professor at Pacific University College of Optometry, and is the founder of UC Berkeley’s Myopia Control Clinic, the first of such nationwide. She received her bachelor’s degree of Clinical Medicine from Peking University, her OD from Pacific University, and her PhD and MPH from UC Berkeley.  She is a world-renowned clinical researcher in the field of myopia and her focus is on the impact of complex multifocal environments on emmetropization and myopia development, as well as novel optical and pharmaceutical treatments in myopia retardation.

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