Topcon Announces the US Launch of RDx

Company Introduces Innovative Telehealth Software Platform for Remote Eye Care

OAKLAND, NJ – December 2, 2020 – Topcon Healthcare, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions for the global eye care community, announced today that it has launched its new Topcon RDx® ocular telehealth software platform to the US market.

Topcon RDx® is an innovative eye health exam platform that allows practitioners to connect to their office(s) remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams in real-time from virtually anywhere, without sacrificing the quality care they provide patients. RDx® connects to Topcon’s CV-5000S digital phoropter, allowing practitioners to perform fully remote refractions.

In addition to the integrated face-to-face consultation dashboard, RDx® automatically imports the autorefractor and lensometer data and presets the refraction starting point on the digital phoropter to optimize the exam.  Eye care professionals, staff and patients can enjoy the benefits of integrated remote video conferences while connecting and controlling the devices within their practice in real-time.

Topcon RDx® allows practitioners to connect to their office(s) remotely and conduct comprehensive eye exams in real-time from virtually anywhere.

“Topcon is wholly committed to the continued development of medical devices and software platforms that allow today’s eye care providers to practice smarter, safer and more efficiently. RDx® meets this challenge head-on by introducing a new dimension in ocular telehealth and empowering practitioners to grow their practice beyond its physical location, optimizing speed, quality and reach of care. We are very excited to bring this innovative technology to the US marketplace.”

John Trefethen, Global Vice President of Marketing & Product Design at Topcon Healthcare

RDx® enhances practice efficiency and work flexibility by providing more freedom for eye care professionals, allowing them to be present at more than one location and offer more extended and more flexible office hours.  RDx® also reduces the time per examination, thereby enabling practitioners to see more patients. Patients also benefit from the RDx® technology because it allows them to have their eye exam done at a time and place convenient for them while maintaining a safe social distance and reducing or eliminating time in the waiting room.

Mr. Corey Nielson, VP of Sales for Topcon Healthcare, summarized, “RDx will empower US Eye Care Physicians to expand their scope of care. This platform will assist our most important customer, the US Eye Care Practitioner, in guiding patients through a comprehensive eye care exam. Ocular telehealth and the ever-changing digital transformation experience is critical to the future of eye care, and I’m excited to be on the cutting edge of our evolution.

For more information on the RDx® Ocular Telehealth platform or to request a demo, click here.

About Topcon Healthcare
Topcon Healthcare sees eye health differently. Our vision is to empower providers with smart and efficient technologies for enhanced patient care. Keeping pace with the ever- changing landscape of the healthcare industry, we offer the latest integrated solutions including advanced multimodal imaging, vendor-neutral data management, safe distancing and ground-breaking remote diagnostic technology.

A globally-oriented business, Topcon is focused on developing solutions towards solving societal challenges in the mega-domains of healthcare, agriculture, and infrastructure. In healthcare, these challenges include increasing eye disease, rising medical costs, access to healthcare and physician shortages. By investing in value-driven innovations, Topcon works to enable people to enjoy good health and a high quality of life.

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