The Technology Suite That Powers Our Thriving 4-Location, 9-OD Practice

Maximizing the advantages of having one trusted partner for all your instrumentation needs.

At our practice, delivering exceptional care is the highest priority. We operate as a comprehensive eyecare facility, practicing full-scope optometry with an emphasis on the early detection and management of eye diseases. To uphold our high standards of care, we recognize the need for cutting-edge technology with impressive capabilities to support our full range of clinical services.

Fortunately, we established a valuable partnership with Topcon Healthcare during the early stages of practice development. This relationship has allowed us to successfully furnish all four of our practice locations with a complete suite of essential instrumentation needed to successfully run our clinics. Overall, partnering with Topcon has allowed us to streamline our technology, ensuring that all our patients consistently receive the same exceptional care, regardless of which office they visit. Having a single trusted instrumentation partner has played a key role in both the growth and efficiency of our practice as a business.

An Instrumentation Partner that Keeps Up with Your Growth

When I started our practice cold in 2003, I faced numerous critical decisions. One of the most pivotal was selecting a diagnostic technology company that would be able to supply the clinic with the optimal equipment for our needs. Topcon proactively reached out to me. Their thorough education encouraged me to follow my instincts to create an exam lane with state-of-the-art equipment. First impressions with patients are invaluable, and sometimes, you only get one opportunity for a sight-saving diagnosis. I knew that I needed to invest in the best equipment for these reasons.

Over the past 19 years, I have continued to work with the same Topcon representative who initially helped outfit my first examination lane. During this time, we have expanded to three additional locations, including our latest 4,500-square-foot office space. Topcon’s consistently seamless customer service has been a reliable asset throughout this journey.

Comprehensive Tools for Outstanding Care & Optimized Patient Experience

In 2007, we acquired our first CV-5000S digital phoropter from Topcon, which they expertly installed in one of our exam lanes. When we relocated that practice in 2008, Topcon was there once again, setting up two more lanes. The same commitment held true in 2015 when we invested in the KR-1W corneal wavefront analyzer.

Our array of Topcon instrumentation extends to include the CT-80 non-contact, computerized tonometer, the SOLOS, a fully automated lensmeter, the MYAH corneal topographer and optical biometer, and the Maestro2 robotic OCT and color fundus camera. Even our exam chairs and stands come from Topcon, as do our slit lamps.

Dr. Kapadia in one of his practice’s 14 exam lanes. All were fully outfitted by Topcon Healthcare. Dr. Kapadia says having technology in all four of his practice’s locations provided by one vendor partner has made a huge, positive difference to patient care and practice efficiency.

The Perks of Uniformity in Technology

In addition to ensuring consistently great care for our patients, there are operational advantages to having the same suite of instruments across multiple offices. Our doctors and technicians don’t have a learning curve when entering any of our exam lanes, regardless of the location. When we launch a new practice, the space may be new, but the technology is familiar. This enables us to operate at full capacity from day one without the need to maintain a light schedule after the opening as we determine how to optimize the use of new technology.

Our high level of familiarity with Topcon’s technology also allows us to maintain an efficient patient experience. Our goal is to have patients in and out of our office within an hour. Topcon’s technology helps us accomplish this by facilitating pretesting in 20 minutes or less. We demonstrate our respect for our patients’ time while offering ample opportunities for them to explore our optical and discuss other products they may have been prescribed, such as contact lenses.

Delivering an Impactful First Impression

Above all, our Topcon suite empowers us to monitor and preserve our patients’ vision effectively. The Maestro2 plays a pivotal role in early diagnosis of conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. We can effectively monitor the progression of those diseases, keeping patients in our office, rather than having to refer them out for ongoing screening.

Our patients often express to us how impressively modern they find our office. Many have never experienced an eye exam with a digital phoropter, let alone the in-depth screening made possible by the entire Topcon suite. We have noticed positive feedback left by patients on Google Reviews, with comments like: “The best optometrist in town—from the moment you walk in, the receptionists are prompt and helpful, the physicians are great and punctual, and the optical staff provides excellent advice! You’ll have a personalized experience. The reminders aren’t automated, and you can correspond with staff in real-time. The office is clean and aesthetically beautiful. Top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the best eye health. Eyewear price points for all types!”

Expanding to the Next Level for Continual Growth

Our practice’s next phase of growth is in myopia management. The Topcon MYAH will be indispensable in providing advanced myopia control services, enabling us to measure axial length and easily track treatment progress to communicate with patients and their parents.

I believe technology like the MYAH, like all of Topcon’s instrumentation, empowers us to provide proactive, rather than reactionary, eyecare. Our patients are appreciative of the many ways our advanced technology helps us safeguard their eye health. Ultimately, our practice growth over the past two decades serves as a strong testimony to our patients’ faith in us, and in the tremendous industry partner we have in Topcon.

Sharokh Kapadia, OD, FAAO,  is the owner of St. John’s Eye Associates (SJEA) in Florida. To contact him: [email protected]

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