Pediatric Myopia Management: Insights from Harbir Sian, OD

Join Dr. Harbir Sian from Highstreet Eyecare as he shares valuable expertise on leveraging the MYAH for precise axial length measurements and effective myopia management for children. Dr. Sian discusses the importance of early intervention and highlights how incorporating MYAH into practice has transformed his approach to pediatric myopia care. To learn more about the MYAH, visit Not all products, services, or offers are available in all markets. Contact your local distributor for country-specific information and availability.

Full Video Transcript:

In myopia management, some of the challenges are really the measurements. How do we know that myopia is progressing?

And we know that now axial length is one of the most important measurements. We just did not have a machine to measure that. So that was a big challenge for us. We’re basing all of our judgments just on refractive numbers and measurements.

We felt like we were guessing a little bit. You know, even if the prescription was stable, we understood that axial length was probably still increasing, and we wanted to know that we’re able to control that. So once we’re able to bring in a machine, the MYAH specifically to measure axial length, it’s helped us to really control that axial elongation and measure it more accurately. One, it was easy to use for our staff.

So our staff are doing it as a pre- test, and they don’t hate doing it, which is nice. They actually don’t mind doing it because it’s fairly quick and easy for them. But for me in the exam room, to be able to show the parent a chart and use the terms that they’re already familiar with like percentiles and things like that or showing a chart that they’re familiar with seeing maybe at their pediatrician with weight and height growth. I can show them and say this is a similar idea but with axial length and show them the progression on that chart.

It’s that visual is much easier for the parents to understand and to have them buy in to our myopia management program. Knowing that we can do something to help slow down the progression of myopia for their children is something that they’re generally very happy about.

As we know now, myopia is not simply a refractive condition, it is an ocular health condition. It’s ocular health disease. And we know length and axial elongation is a vital measurement when, diagnosing myopia and treating it. So if anybody’s looking to get into myopia management, and I think we all should be doing some form of myopia management, it’s vital to bring in axial length, and the MYAH has been an amazing machine for us.

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