PASCAL® Synthesis™ TwinStar™ Laser

PASCAL® Synthesis™ TwinStar™ Laser

The Synthesis TwinStar further expands the PASCAL line of laser photo-coagulators offering the ability to treat retinal disorders with a 577Nm yellow wavelength or with a 638Nm red wavelength. The yellow module allows for treatment with single spot as well as with a variety of patterns and four spot sizes. The yellow module can also be used with the optional Endpoint Management software for sub-threshold procedures. The red wavelength option is for single spot treatments and has two different spot sizes. The PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar interfaces seamlessly with the Topcon SL-D4 Slit Lamp and the ergonomic ATE-S laser table.

Key Features

  • Single spot 638Nm red wavelength with two spot sizes: 50µm and 200µm
  • Optional Endpoint Management™ technology for less-damaging sub-threshold treatment of a variety of retinal disorders*
  • New acoustic tones to indicate power changes during treatment
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with a variety of patterns for use with the 577Nm wavelength
  • Combines both 577Nm and 638Nm wavelengths
  • ATE-S automatic table with quiet movement and modern design
  • 3D Controller allows for precise manipulation of patterns*, power settings and laser positioning
  • *Only available with 577nm wavelength

PASCAL Synthesis Brochure

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