IMAGEnet Stingray Nikon Color/FA/FAF/ICG

IMAGEnet Stingray Nikon Color/FA/FAF/ICG

The IMAGEnet Nikon® / Stingray Retinal Camera combines a commercially available Nikon camera body for high resolution color images with a Stingray 145 dedicated monochrome imaging sensor for highly defined vascular imaging (FA/ICG and FAF). The output from both cameras can be seamlessly connected to the IMAGEnet® capturing system for efficient image managing. This configuration is a more economical alternative to the existing sensor configuration for the TRC-50DX and IMAGEnet®.

Key Features

  • High resolution color images
  • Fully compatible with IMAGEnet®
  • Dedicated monochrome imaging sensor for FA/ICG and FAF
  • Complete integration of both cameras by IMAGEnet® allows the end user to benefit from the full selection of IMAGEnet® modules. The flexible design makes the Stingray ideal for multi-procedure operations such as fluorescein angiography, fundus auto fluorescent imaging, and Indocyanine green angiography.
  • Can be upgraded as technology improves in commercial camera bodies
  • A more economical sensor alternative for color retinal imaging


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