IMAGEnet® 6

Detailed Analysis for Clinical Decision Making

Today, eye care specialists must see more patients in less time. Topcon’s IMAGEnet® 6 provides clinicians access to detailed patient exam information that gives them the ability to make more informed clinical decisions.

Traditionally, practitioners view patient data from a computer that is connected to their instrument with limited capabilities. IMAGEnet® 6 changes this by giving clinicians access to advanced information from any Topcon device, on any browser, anywhere.

IMAGEnet® 6 is a digital software for ophthalmic imaging, capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing and saving digital images obtained with a variety of Topcon instruments, such as Spectral Domain and Swept-Source OCT systems, mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal cameras and photo slit lamps. IMAGEnet® 6 features a SQL expanded database and has numerous image management functions that facilitate image acquisition, enhancement, measurement, comparison, etc.

Full DICOM compliance allows IMAGEnet® 6 to communicate with EMRs, servers or PACS, save data to remote locations, operate with modality work lists and save images in DICOM format. IMAGEnet® 6 DICOM Compliance includes: Modality Worklist Utilization; PACS Storage Function; Advanced Workflow and Storage Commitment.  IMAGEnet® 6 easily integrates with Topcon’s Synergy™ Ophthalmic Data Management System for complete connectivity.

Key Features

  • Single software provides comprehensive image viewing and data management for all Topcon imaging devices
  • Seamless linkage with Topcon’s Synergy™ Data Management System
  • Multimodal display provides dynamic viewing of OCT images (B Scans, 3D images, enface images), data and reports along with registered fundus images on one screen
  • Extensive array of image management tools including: Advanced measuring and analysis functions, Patient Consultation module, Stereo module, color balance and contrast adjustment tools
  • Browser based software that is Operating system and PC independent and eliminates the need to load software on each PC

Universally connected

IMAGEnet® 6 is a browser-based application, operating system and hardware independent, that can access eye care data, images and OCT data from Topcon devices connected to your practice or hospital network.

Now you can review all data captured by any Topcon device with one software application.

Multimodal display

Dynamic viewing of OCT B-scans, 3D images, thickness maps, En Face data along with registered fundus photos (color, red-free, FA and FAF) supports a deeper understanding of your patient’s condition.

New Features in version 3.0

Projection Artifact Removal

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The updated PAR routine is a two-dimensional technique based on a slab subtraction calculation that builds on OCTARA™ properties to cancel projection artifacts and achieve improved accuracy.

The Hood Report for Glaucoma with Maestro2

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Developed in collaboration with Donald C. Hood, PhD, of Columbia University, the Hood Report for Glaucoma gives eye care providers an easy-to-read comprehensive structure/function report for glaucoma diagnostics.

Follow up scan for OCTA and 3D scan

For the serious traveller, Traveller Magazine is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel and tourism.

This function retrieves and reanalyzes the same location of the eye at follow-up, for comparison of past and current images. The operator simply selects the past data, and it automatically locates the same area. Comparison of the same area supports diagnostic accuracy.

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IMAGEnet 6, OCTA and Maestro2 are not available for sale in every country. Please check with your local distributor for availability.

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