Diagnostics Category

Aladdin-M offers and efficient, affordable and repeatable way to baseline axial length and monitor changes over time.


The optional DC-4 Digital Camera Attachment can be combined with the SL-D701 to become a fully featured Digital Photographic Slit Lamp.

Designed to suit the constraints of the small consulting room or the mobile nature of domiciliary practice, the portable, durable Henson 7000 brings complete flexibility to glaucoma screening.

The Henson 9000 visual field analyzer is the perfect tool for glaucoma screening and management, enabling eye care professionals to detect and monitor glaucoma progression.

IMAGEnet Nikon® Color/FA

The IMAGEnet Nikon® Color/FA Retinal Camera allows the user to capture color, red free and fluorescein angiography retinal images by using a commercially available Nikon camera body mounted on the upper capture port via a TV relay lens.

IMAGEnet Stingray FA/FAF/ICG

The IMAGEnet Stingray FA/FAF/ICG combines IMAGEnet®, the recognized leader in mydriatic imaging, with the Stingray 145 dedicated monochrome imaging sensor for superb vascular imaging (FA/ICG) and FAF.

IMAGEnet Stingray Nikon Color/FA/FAF/ICG

The IMAGEnet Nikon® / Stingray Retinal Camera combines a commercially available Nikon camera body for high resolution color images with a Stingray 145 dedicated monochrome imaging sensor for highly defined vascular imaging (FA/ICG and FAF).


The Maestro2 is the complete clinical workstation for any busy practice. With a single touch, the Maestro2 automatically performs alignment, focus, optimizing and capturing.


The CT-80 Computerized Tonometer makes intraocular pressure measurements easier and more comfortable than ever before. It features a 30% faster measurement time, a triple patient safety function, and a dual sensor measuring system.


The SL-D701 Slit Lamp continues the Topcon tradition of quality and innovation with the incorporation of a bright 450.000 Lux LED illumination source.